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The All Watch is a project that makes tangible the human understanding of Time. We do this by creating objects that represent individual relationships with Time; When worn on the wrist, in place of a watch, these objects serve as a connection to the individual’s own observations about the large and varied substance we call Time.

In addition to making objects, we also interview people about Time (see here) with the goal of making an informal and ever-growing library. We do this because we believe that the qualitative study of Time is just as important as the quantitative, and that lived knowledge is worthy of careful examination.

If Time were a fabric woven on a loom, the warp would be finite and inescapable, rigid and oppressive. The weft would be infinite and expansive, malleable and embracing. Upon examination of this fabric, it seems that these opposing aspects do not negate each other but rather maintain their distinct qualities, giving rise to an poignant paradox of experience.